5 Simple Ways to Be a Success Today


What really matters for a successful life?  Let’s take a short quiz:

  • Are you attractive, toned, and looking younger than your age?
  • Is your job fulfilling and lucrative?
  • Are your younger kids adorable and well-mannered?
  • Are your older kids articulate world-changers?
  • Is your neighborhood sought after and your home lovely?
  • Is your financial situation secure?
  • Are your relationships rich and fulfilling and full of laughter?
  • Are your talents so diverse you can’t decide where to use them?

If so, great!  These are blessings that are nice to have.  I’m happy for you.

If not, great!  These are blessings that don’t have much to do with what matters to God.

His list of what matters is pretty counter-cultural, which is funny since he invented culture, but that’s another story.  Do you want to be truly successful today according to the Designer?  Here is a list of suggestions.

  • Do something special for yourself. Consider someone else better than yourself and think of a little way to bring them joy (Phil. 2:3).
  • Work on important tasks that will be seen by others. Be faithful in whatever task God has given you, no matter how humble it is (Lk. 16:10). Cheerfully do the unpleasant job and feel your Father’s pleasure.
  • Make sure you are popular and impress your influential friends. Because you have the most important Friend, freely greet and love the difficult people you meet today (Mt. 5:44).
  • Rest in the wealth and security you have stored away. Rest in the loving hand of God who gives you all you need and whose riches are eternal (Mt. 6:20).
  • Trust your great life strategies. Don’t lean on your own wisdom, but instead trust God who will make your paths straight (Pr. 3:5-6).

There you have it: five simple ways to be a success today.  And you can do them all with a small bank account, flabby muscles, a dilapidated apartment, and a painful relationship.

Forgetful soul, no circumstance in your life can hinder your opportunity to be a huge success before God today.  By his grace and for his glory.

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  1. Andrea Sharp says:

    Very encouraging!

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