About Trish

I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Trish Donohue and I’m a forgetful Christian. I forget where I put my keys, I forget who I’m calling on the phone, and I forget that Jesus and all he’s done can bring life and hope to every minute of my every day. So I remind myself. Please stop by if you need some reminders too.  I try to post on Mondays.

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Besides being a forgetful Christian, I’m also a wife to Jim, mom to four kids, and happy member of Covenant Fellowship Church where I have the privilege of being a pastor’s wife as well.  Jim is fun, friendly and faith-filled, and runs the awesome Bridge Course. My kids are teens and preteens which keeps my fridge empty and my prayer life full. I love it.

Oh, and I’m a new author. I couldn’t even remember to disciple my daughters so I had to write a book to help me do it. Check out the details on the main menu.

Thanks again for coming by,