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We’ve Been Having Some Fun…

We Donohues have been having some fun with  It offers a short personality test that will leave you squirming at how quickly a website can figure out the inner workings of your soul. It’s really best to do it together … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter What “Season” You’re In

“Seasons” can be a helpful term–sometimes.  It’s a nice way to refer to our different life situations.  Instead of telling a young mom, “Hey, I noticed you have spit-up on your shoulder and a Cheerio stuck to your butt, you … Continue reading

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Take Care, Square-Jawed Hero

Independence has always been kind of cool in popular culture.  Alone, our square-jawed hero vanquishes the enemy with determined ease, then saunters into the evening fog with nary a backward glance. It’s romantic in the movies but stinks in real … Continue reading

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