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Moms, It Doesn’t All Depend on You

This post is for parents who obsess. (Moms, maybe I’m sexist but in my experience it’s often us, thus the title.) Listen, it’s not your fault.  Some of it’s because you love your kids so stinkin’ much.  I’ve been known to … Continue reading

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Balance Beam Moms (and Dads)

Moms walk a fine line.  The balance beam of motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart.  (And dads, stick around because some of this will relate to you as well.) Here is the irony of the situation: Enter a sweet precious … Continue reading

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To the Non-Moms Who Have Mothered my Children

Happy Mother’s Day to you! You know who you are:  single women, married women without children, college-aged women…  Don’t make me name you! Thank you for loving our kids! You don’t think you fit into the “Happy Mother’s Day” category?  … Continue reading

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Muddy Patches

I have a little garden.  It’s a suburbanite’s attempt to bond with nature and grab a handful of fresh lettuce once in a while.  I am not hipster enough to have chickens, although the little peeping chicks at the Ace … Continue reading

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Motherhood in 30-Minute Increments

I just finished scarfing down a book about productivity.  It was excellent, and I’m a sucker for potential.  That means I get more excited about planning the wonderful things I’m going to do than actually doing them.  So reading about … Continue reading

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