Does it Matter if You’re Somebody?

mountainDo you ever feel a little disappointed about your life?  Like it’s not quite what you hoped it would be?  You know you should be thankful, but all the dreams, all the potential, all the work, and you ended up being kind of just… regular.

I have good news: It doesn’t really matter.  In fact, it may be to your benefit.

John Piper reminds us:

We weren’t meant to be somebody–                                                  we were meant to know Somebody.”  

If that isn’t counter-cultural, I don’t know what is.  In a world where being “somebody” is celebrated, the most important Somebody is often forgotten.

But is knowing Somebody (God) really better than being somebody (a success)?  The Psalmist seems to think so. In Psalm 63:3 he says,

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.”

Our loving God is better than life: better than money, than fame, than comfort, than honor, than anything else that spells success to you.  Forget the questions about your accomplishments.  Answer these questions instead.

Do you know Somebody full of goodness?  Does He love you personally and sacrificially? Does He work all things in your life for good?  Has He made you a part of his family?  Has He promised to never leave or forsake you?

Now those are the questions that matter.  Let’s remind each other and our own wavering souls of the truth Dr. Piper stated so well.  It should change our Monday morning, turning inward-focused disappointment into God-focused joy.





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