How Different our Days Can Be

Hsailingow different our days can be.

One brings tears of joy, one brings tears of laughter, one brings tears of grief.  We never know what a day will hold.

Have you ever noticed how our thoughts of God can vary according to our circumstances?

We sail along in smooth, sparkling waters and can’t believe how good God has been.  Even the fish swimming below seem to be smiling. God is majestic, loving, incredible!  How could anyone not see this?

We row miles and miles in gray, choppy waters.  We’re damp and a little cold.  Our arms hurt.  We’re getting somewhere but it’s tiring and it’s certainly not fun.  Is God really with us?  We guess he is, but he’s probably paying more attention to the other boats.  We’re slogging it out alone.

We’re caught in the storm.  Terror builds as waves splash over the side, threatening to capsize our little vessel.  The heavens look black.  Where is God?  Does he see?  Does he care?

How different our days can be.

God knows this.  He ordains our days.  He invites our praises, our questions, our cries.  The Psalms show that we can come to God with every emotion in tow.

But I need to remind myself that that even though our days change, our circumstances change, our emotions change, and our prayers change; our God doesn’t change.  He is not more beautiful on the days of smooth sailing.  He is not distant in the drudgery.  He is not unloving in the storm.

Hebrews 13:8 tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

He’s the same.

And he is a glorious sameness: always loving, always faithful, always sovereign, always good, always wise, always near—in smooth, choppy, or terrifying waters.

Our feelings will tell us otherwise, and they can be awfully convincing.

What they don’t know is that in Christ, the ocean we sail in lies in the cupped palm of Someone’s hand.  The Someone who will never change.  The Someone whose character and beauty and truth is stronger and surer than life itself.  The Someone we can bank all our hopes in and give all our cares to.

So let’s remind our souls to sing to him in the sun, pray to him in the persevering, and cry to him in the chaos–and then know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is, and always will be, our same, unshakable, beautiful Savior.

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