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                      Our Advantages

                      First class equipment

                      Company's existing Jiangsu Yancheng production base covers an area of 12000 square meters, 2400 square meters standard factory building, office building 600 square meters.

                      fair price

                      First class service, moderate price, quick service, top equipment.

                      Professional team

                      Company has specialized R & D institutions and high-quality professional and technical personnel, formed a strong overall R & D team.

                      About us

                      Yancheng Aini Sen car warranty equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a collection of vehicle testing equipment and vehicle maintenance equipment R & D and production of professional firms. Professional products are: car four wheel positioning instrument, car lift.
                      Over the years, the "Annison" "ANISUN" products have been supporting hundreds of car repair shops, car tires and car tire franchise stores and car 4S station, and for a number of colleges and universities equipped with a dedicated car four wheel positioning.
                      Our company strictly in accordance with ISO9000 standards for product development, design, manufacturing, sales, service, to win the community. Become "China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association" member units and the "China automobile maintenance equipment industry association" member units.
                      Automobile is an indispensable means of transportation in modern human life. The company's four wheel positioning equipment products to improve the safety of the car and the car repair industry, tire maintenance industry has made a certain contribution to the.
                      In the future, we will start to Chinese, the company will have the whole world in view, offer high-quality products to you.

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                      Industry News

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