Memorial Life


Happy Memorial Day!

I wonder how many hot dogs and hamburgers will be consumed today.  Probably best not to think about it.   Pass the ketchup.

The word memorial means reminder.  If I go grammar-geek on you, I can tell you that it comes from the Latin memoria which means memory.  Today we remind ourselves and each other of the heroic people who gave their lives for our liberty.  It’s an honor to remember them.  Their blood bought our freedom.

Sound familiar?

As Christians, it’s our privilege to remind each other of someone else whose blood bought not just our national freedom, but our eternal freedom.  The depth of his sacrifice and the breadth of the resulting blessing are staggering.

And yet it’s so easy to forget. To presume.  To take for granted.  It’s easy to forget the rows of little crosses at Arlington, and it’s easy to forget the big splintery one at Calvary.

We need a Memorial Life.

We need a life that is peppered with reminders of the outrageous good of the gospel: liberty, freedom, protection, peace, relief, celebration. Think of the sins that have been forgiven!  Think of the enemy who has been conquered!  Think of the future that has been secured!  And think of the cost.


(Sorry it’s the only word that fits.)

Last time we talked about what keeps us from reaching out to others more frequently and sharing God’s truth and love—in other words living the Memorial Life.  We talked about how rich relationships are when we encourage each other and spur each other on.  We need them desperately, and yet it seems hard sometimes to invest and share with others all the good God has shown us.

A number of you shared your thoughts with me, so on Thursday I’ll give you my best guesses on the hindrances we experience and you can see what you think.

For today, let’s fire up the grills, enjoy friendship, and remind each other of the heroic sacrifice of our country’s heroes.  And the even more amazing sacrifice of our friend Jesus. Let’s remember those rows of little crosses, and the big one that stretches its shadow over them all.

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