Pilate’s Relevant Question

chair“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus.

I don’t think he really wanted to know because he walked right out the door after asking.

Jesus had just told him that “Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice” (Jn. 18:37).  But Pilate probably thought that was a little narrow-minded.  Truth is for all of us to decide for ourselves, right?  Why would I listen to someone’s voice to find it? Time to find the door.

How 2016.

I can’t pretend to scoff at our relativistic culture because I find it in myself. It’s a lot easier to throw around broad, philosophical questions than to obey truth.   It’s a lot simpler to say, “Oh, who can ever really know what’s right” than to take a stand for righteousness.  It’s a lot smoother to say, “My words could be taken lots of different ways” than to say, “I was slandering and judging.  Please forgive me.”

My soul likes to wiggle around truth.  I’m good at squeezing around its sharp corners and ducking beneath its high bar.  I nod in assent at the truth and then stretch it out like silly putty, or walk away from it like Pilate, or bend it to fit the will of Trish.

“What is truth?” we ask, as if it is elusive.

Here is Jesus’ answer to us: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn. 14:6).   Pilate, you big dummy, you just walked away from Truth Incarnate.  And how often I have followed in your footsteps.

Forgetful soul, don’t walk away.  Don’t wander aimlessly.  Don’t squeeze around the corner. Look Jesus in the eyes.  Sit back down and listen to the words of life.  They will never lead you astray.

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2 Responses to Pilate’s Relevant Question

  1. Carol Lehman says:

    Well said Trish, I ask often but find myself listening little.

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