The Essential Monday Morning To-Do List

to do listHappy Monday morning everybody!

Have you been looking forward to today? Counting down the days til Monday?  Butterflies in your stomach last night anticipating the start of another week?

My guess is no.  Mondays have a pretty bad reputation.

It’s not their fault that they’re the first day of the work week, that they symbolize the starting of the engines, that they usher in the tsunami of responsibilities we carry throughout our week.  They probably wish they could see their name in lights on a restaurant like Fridays do, but they’re stuck with their place in the week.  Stinks to be the first-born, always having to be the responsible one.

Mondays find most of us pulling up our to-do lists, whether they’re written on a list app, a legal pad, or a wrinkled napkin on the counter.  What problems do I need to solve this week?  What am I late for?  What do I need to plan?

Today, I offer you a new to-do list for your Monday morning.  It’s not original; in fact Paul wrote it down in 1 Thessalonians 5—maybe on a napkin.  Who knows?  Get out your pen or your phone so you can copy it:

  1. Rejoice always
  2. Pray without ceasing
  3. Give thanks in all circumstances

Seriously.  Write it down.

How do we know it really belongs at the top of our Monday list?  Because the next words say, “for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

That’s God’s will for you today, and for me.  For this Monday morning.  And given the fact that I am a problem-dweller, I need to live by this list.

So let’s do it together.  I know you have coffee breath, but me too so no worries.

Let’s try #1:

Lord, I rejoice in you this Monday morning.  I rejoice in all that you are.  You aren’t tired or discouraged or overwhelmed, you are full of life, and love, and beauty.  I’m so glad that you gave your Son that I might live this Monday free from my sins and found in you.  YOU are amazing.  

How’d that go?  Are your eyes slowly moving off yourself?

Here comes #2:

Thanks for inviting me to talk to you, Father.  I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I’m feeling this morning. I want to spend a few minutes asking for your help and coming to you in weakness.  I have some sins to confess too. [Go ahead, get talking.  He’s listening.]

And help me to jump back into conversation with you throughout my day.  I’m weak.  I need your help.  Plus, you’re great to talk to.

And #3:

Thank you for this Monday, God. Thanks that you sovereignly decided to put me here, in this place, with these people, with these responsibilities, on this very day.  Thanks that you have good works for me to do.  Thanks that you promise to work everything out for good in the end.  Thanks that I have a safe place to work, and live, and people who care about me.  Thanks that I slept some last night. And thanks that you promise to help me with the problems you’ve assigned to me.  Thanks that you don’t ask me to tackle them alone.    

And we’re off.

Monday morning is not the kill-joy it promised to be.  It’s actually welcoming us into a week where God is already at work.

So welcome to the week.  Good job rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks.  Keep it up.

Thanks for reading along as I remind myself.  And while we’re together, let’s add those three items to the top of Tuesday’s list too.

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6 Responses to The Essential Monday Morning To-Do List

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you,Mondays will never be the same for me,providing I reminding myself of these treasures

  2. Dona Brabazon says:

    Awesome reminders and an awesome way to get talking toGod first thing in the morning!!

  3. Amy says:


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