There Is a Deranged Bird in the Tree by our Deck

red birdThere is a deranged bird in the tree by our deck.

Seriously.  It will not shut up.

Don’t think bird song, think loud typewriter.

At first it’s cute, then funny, then irritating.


My daughter looks up from her book and says, “Mom, what is WRONG with that bird?”


My husband tries to shoo it away.  It flits and flies around, still chattering like a maniac.


I sigh because I know.  I can read the bird’s mind.

Its babies are in the nest and they are hungry.  There are scary things around (like us).  There is food to gather, problems to solve, enemies to fight, nests to build, others to please, work to be done, and a future to plan.


How like the bird I am, chattering and worrying and fussing and strategizing and complaining and fretting, even if some of that is in my heart.  Apart from different diets, we may as well be twins, hopping around with the world on our shoulders.

If a young girl heard my words and thoughts, would she ask, like my daughter, “Mom, what is WRONG with that lady?”

Would she know that I serve a God who feeds even the birds (Mt. 6:26) not to mention knows his children’s needs even before we ask him (Mt. 6:32)? Or would she think I was left to myself, fatherless and forsaken?

Little bird, settle down. You’re fine.

Shut your beak and quiet your brain for a minute and tell your forgetful soul that God knows it all.  He will provide all you need.

And all you other chattering birds reading this, let’s remind ourselves of the end of Matthew 6: But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

You’re fine.  Go back to your nest, pray to your Father, and trust that he will add to your life everything that you need.

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2 Responses to There Is a Deranged Bird in the Tree by our Deck

  1. Laurie Reyes says:

    Love this. I’m that annoying bird way more often than I care to admit. Thank you for the reminder to take it to Jesus.

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