To the Non-Moms Who Have Mothered my Children

Happy Mother’s Day to you!Non-Moms

You know who you are:  single women, married women without children, college-aged women…  Don’t make me name you!

Thank you for loving our kids!

You don’t think you fit into the “Happy Mother’s Day” category?  I disagree.  You may not be moms in the official sense, but you have mothered so many.  We notice, and more importantly, God notices.

Thank you for the ways you have:

  • Encouraged our kids: noticed when they’ve grown, drawn them out, talked sports with them when you don’t give a hoot, admired pretty dresses
  • Babysat when they were young so we could have a little break. And not just babysat, but brought them snacks, took them out, played games with them, tucked them in, prayed with them.
  • Taken them fun places, not minding sandy feet or drippy ice cream
  • Come to their sporting events and cheered louder than anyone
  • Given them hugs
  • Showed them that joy in the Lord has nothing to do with marital status
  • Changed stinky diaps
  • And yes, to add a very personal example, cleaned up throw-up when I had a broken ankle and a sick baby in the crib.  Heroic.  That’s you.

You have made our lives so much richer, fuller, better.  Thank you for “mothering” our children.  Don’t feel empty today.  Feel God’s pleasure in your selfless love, and feel our deep gratitude as well.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. beauty rice says:

    Trish, you are the best! thank you so much for your post on Mother’s Day. Very helpful and very beautiful! Keep them coming! ~beaut

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