We’ve Been Having Some Fun…

usWe Donohues have been having some fun with www.16personalities.com.  It offers a short personality test that will leave you squirming at how quickly a website can figure out the inner workings of your soul.

It’s really best to do it together so your most beloved can scream out your answers for you and inform you what you’re REALLY like–even if you haven’t figured that out yet. God bless community living.

Some of us (I won’t mention names) ranked extreme numbers in everything and others hovered annoyingly around the middle no matter what the question was.

We did it just for fun, not for massive life direction–only God tells us who we really are. BUT here are some morsels it left me ruminating on (and chuckling about)…

1.God made us somebody.  He didn’t make us a blank slate so we could wisely decide who we would be and then download those traits.  We’re a package he decided on, and some of the ways we deal with life are because that’s just who we are.  Of course we can still obey God, choose responses, and change, but we’re a certain kind of person who reflects the image of God in a certain way.  Let’s embrace it!  If you’re a crier, cry; if a planner, plan; if a thinker, think to the glory of God. We can try to be that other person and stink at it, or live out our calling as US well.  Don’t be like most of us and waste 20 years figuring that out.

2.God purposefully puts us with people called OTHERS.  I live with non-Trishs (mostly).  I’m sure that’s for the good of the universe, but sometimes my life rules seem SOOO obvious and I am utterly perplexed that my dearests wouldn’t agree; that in fact they would have vastly different sets of rules, and they would not deem my perspective on all things wise and good (and perfectly obvious to any thinking human.)  It’s just one of those unsolved mysteries.  What the fun little personality study reminded me was that people who think differently from me aren’t just dumb or insensitive or completely clueless on what’s most important in life, but they are wired differently by God.  They were made for certain tasks that I am not made for, and so trying to make them like me is short-sighted and arrogant. Who they are glorifies God in a way I do not, and vice versa.  So I can embrace and value their opposite perspectives and, with God, smile at the incredible variety of humankind.

3.God’s perfect Word makes the whole thing work.  Stick with me: this is not the obligatory spiritual point.  It’s a call to worship.  If we’re just supposed to jam our 16 personalities together and figure out how to make it work, we’re in trouble.  My personality wants peace (and ironically I’ll get mad about it), his wants to win, hers wants to engage, his wants to avoid, and before we know it we’re a tangled mess of people all trying to build our own personal kingdoms.  Been there.  Here’s what God did: he gave us the rules–the master design.  Now 16 different personalities can love and build and sacrifice and worship in a gazillion different ways and accomplish so much more than we ever could alone because we revolve around him, not ourselves.

And after all that, I remind myself of something ever better:  God knew that I (and my big ‘ole personality) would turn away and have a temper tantrum against his design.  I would have to flail my arms and do it my way.  So he sent his Son to redeem me, and forgive me, and give me strength to start again.  My personality desperately needed a Savior.  Does yours?

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  1. Susan Riser says:

    I took the test, but think it must be taken about 3 times…there’s are questions, like most tests that I’ve taken, that have multiple answers. It probably says something about my personality just saying this…lol. BTW, I would have answered very differently at various ages. Also, I think most people like to take these sort of tests…fun to see the results. Thanks!

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