What Are You Waiting For?

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Have you ever looked to a time in the future and thought, “Then, yeah, then I will be able to really jump into what God has for my life!”

  • Maybe you’ve just had a baby and you’re loving it, but you can’t wait to really be used by God again in a significant way.
  • Maybe you’re single and you long to be married because you feel like that will really start your life.
  • Maybe you’re snowed under at work with meetings and deadlines and are just surviving until it’s over.
  • Maybe you have a struggling child and you feel so distracted and troubled that you know God can’t use you now, but maybe someday.

There are a thousand scenarios.  Write yours in.

We all feel it at times.  We bumble through our lives, working hard but never quite getting it right.  There are always problems to solve, things to fix, and loose ends to wrap up—ends that are tripping us every time we turn around.  But once the loose ends are finally wrapped up… when that problem is solved…when that kid gets it together… when I get out of this office… when I can have some space… THEN, then I will really be living.  Then my life will matter!

But readers, it ain’t gonna happen.

That’s what I’m reminding myself of today.

There will always be problems, boring tasks, flat tires, sicknesses, relational challenges, crammed schedules, weird conversations, clogged pipes, nagging worries, and bad hair days.

You’re wondering at this point, why, WHY did I ever click on this post?

Here is the important question:  What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for?  God has sovereignly given us our assignments.  This is where we can best glorify him.  No problems need to be solved for us to fully please and enjoy God.  No loose ends need to be tied up.  No diseases need to be healed.  His grace is fully available to us in the middle of the mess.

Today, surrounded by a gray cubicle, or crazy toddlers, or lonely walls in a retirement home, we can:

  • Show love to others in all kinds of ways
  • Talk freely with the One who loves us
  • Sing songs of praise
  • Answer unkindness with kindness
  • Trust God with the problem
  • Laugh at ourselves
  • Give generously
  • Encourage someone
  • Thank God for a spot of beauty in our day
  • Grieve with faith-filled tears
  • Work with integrity
  • Turn a slanderous conversation
  • Choose to think the best
  • Rejoice in our salvation.

We don’t need to wait for anything.  The time is now.  Let’s enjoy the free grace of God today and know that he is eager to reveal himself to us in this assignment!

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2 Responses to What Are You Waiting For?

  1. Jill says:

    Yes!!! I love this post. Such truth! And something I am continually reminding myself of in this season. Thank you for sharing — got this link from L. Henry who is a part of a local homeschool moms group I am in.

    • Great! Lisa is a great friend of mine from high school. 🙂 So glad you liked the post. I love hearing what topics best serve readers so give me feedback anytime!

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