What Soars in Your Life?

Have roasted chestnuts and Christmas cheer failed to fill your soul with pure goodness this season?  Do shadows still reside within you? Take heart with these words from The Valley of Vision :

“Though my sins rise to heaven thy merits soar above them.”

When my pride rises to heaven, your humility soars above it.

When my selfishness rises to heaven, your love soars above it.

When my greed rises to heaven, your generosity soars above it.

We all have those sin struggles that seem like they must surpass the reach of God.   His patience surely has ended, his forgiveness surely used up.   No more grace for you, naughty child. No gifts for you. You’ll get the coal you deserve.

But it’s not true.

The carol’s words are:  “He’s come to make his blessings known…

Far as the curse is found. 

What good news.  His merits soar and his mercy surpasses the widest reach of our sin. And his gift of grace is under the tree for us this Christmas and forevermore.




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